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Browse our inventory to view our Texas interstate digital billboard locations, we have the best locations to get your message and brand to the masses. With Texas Media Properties you get personalized service from outdoor advertising experts and can help you target your audience. 

Texas Media Properties is Texas Digital Outdoor!


Waco I-35  

  • View North & South Bound

  • Located on I-35 in Waco, Tx.

  • Average Daily Traffic - 82,000

  • Main Highway between Austin and Dallas

Greenville I-30

  • View West Bound

  • Located on I-30 in Greenville, Tx.

  • Average Daily Traffic - 50,000

  • Main Highway between Texarkana and Dallas

Lindale I-20

  • View West Bound

  • Located on I-20 in Lindale, Tx.

  • Average Daily Traffic - 46,000

  • Main Highway between Shreveport and Dallas

Corsicana I-45

  • View North Bound

  • Located on I-45 in Corsicana, Tx.

  • Average Daily Traffic - 40,000

  • Main Highway between Houston and Dallas

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